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This blog is the history of my motorcycling career. It might amuse some, it might bring back memories – I’m writing it so I don’t forget how I got where I am today.

The list below shows my posts in Chronological order. Click on each of them to read my blogs. Alternatively, click on the items under the menus at the top if you want to do it that way. Whichever you choose, do have fun.

The picture is the view from Grossglockner (in Austria) looking at the road up to the glacier.

The First                                                                                             The Second

1. The start of it all – 1969 to 1970                                                 7. Back into the fray – 1999-2000

2. Getting a taste for power – 1970 to 1971                                  8. My First VFR – 2000-2002

3. The start of the big bike era – 1971 to 1975                             9. The last VFR – 2002-2005

4. The GT750 era – 1975-1977                                                       10. The FJR years – 2004-2010

5. The GS750 time – 1977-1983                                                     11. The CBF beckons – 2010-2014

6. The Wilderness Years – 1983-1999                                           12. From then till now – 2014-now

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